July 18, 2014

Vilnius - Mosaic of Europe


Hello dear readers!

My hometown Vilnius is full of different culture. It's like a mosaic of other Europe cities e.g. Amsterdam, Venice, Rome, Munich, Stockholm and etc.


I've found a pastel colors building which reminds me little cosy houses of Munich.
The balcony of the building is full of flowers and little windmills.



Just around the corner there is a blue like a sky building. This color reminds me Amsterdam which is full of colorful architecture.


This one street is full of different spirits of different cities.


There is an old brick house which is very similiar to Salsburg Fortress in Austria.



The corner of roses. Roses are as beautiful as in Mainau Island in southern Germany.




A beautiful wall with creepers reminds me London's suburb and cozy cottages.



White Blouse: Massimo Dutti
Light Blue Jeans: ZARA
Red Moccasins: Salamander
Sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Rings and Bracelets: H&M

Thanks for my friend Greta, who took these amazing pictures and spend a day with me.

Good luck!

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