November 1, 2014

Braid Up


Hello there my beauties! The Autumn is very bright and without any cloud.... That's why I feel that kind of Autumn happiness, not to mention - Autumn holidays! I spent them in my country side house and traveling around.

Well, I haven't talk about hair in my blog lately and I very often leave my hair loose... So, I decided to do a Milkmaid Braid! This is one of the most fashionable hairdo right now. You can see it on the runway, on celebrities' head or in the street. Actually, this hairstyle is timeless. I remember my grandma used to told me about her youth years, about her long beautiful hair and that she loved to wear the milkmaid braid. This hairstyle reminds to me interwar period in Alps or an epic classical movie "Sounds of Music" where little girls had their hair in milkmaid braids.

Well, in today's look my hair may look vintage and a little bit old-school so I didn't want to make the whole outfit look very vintage, although very modern either. I chose neautral pastel colour top: white cable sweater, beige scarf and my beloved light blue coat. Also, I wanted that kind of softly edgy accent so I matched my golden earrings with my pearl necklace and bracelet which I made by myself.

Milkmaid braid is very girly thing and I encourage it! Nowadays a lot of girls think that loose hair is a great choise for every day, but it's much healthier for your hair to keep them in a braid, bow ar a pony tail. In my opinion, loose hair should be saved for occasions.






Light Blue Coat: Zara
Beige Scarf: United Colors of Benetton
White Sweater: Mango
Golden Earings: H&M
Pearl Necklace and Bracelet: DIY by me

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