December 23, 2014

Wake Up and Go


Today I want to introduce to you an interesting brand that I have discovered recently. It's called "Horse Head Label".


This is a Lithuanian clothing brand which has a unique trademark - horse head. It was created by Aušra Šeduikytė. First I saw it on Oleg Surajev's jumper in his internet show "Akcentas" (en. "Accent")  and I was very interested in this unseen brand and felt curious to know about it more. At first sight this logo seems crazy and a little bit hipsterish but when I took a closer look to this company, I realized that its stylistics are very close to mine: subtle, minimalistic style with some cunning accents. I would say that the style of "Horse Head Label" is sophisticated street style for people who don't want to spend much time in front of mirror and have a strong attitude to the world.


"Wake up and go" (Lithuanian "Atsikeli ir varai") is a slogan of this brand. It describes the person's, who wears these clothes, mood and routine: wake up, put on something fashionable but without any thoroughness and big attention to the details and go... This routine is of a person who has the energy to reach goals and be able to improve.

Talking about this black jumper with two white horse heads collar.... I have been having it since October but I put on it for the first time in December. Those two horse heads felt very special and occasionally, so I've been waiting for snowy winter (sadly, there is no snow in Vilnius now).
This jumper is very comfortable, although it is not too loose and baggy to look VERY sporty. I can match it in every look I want to: I can wear it in my ballet lesson, I can go with it to meet my friends, to school and even to a meeting with a president.

wake up and go



  1. Superb shots :) I think you must share your photos on, too :)

  2. Man irgi iškart į akis krito to arkliukai:)) Šiaip labai faini, tokie tikrai tikrai unique, nors ir paprastučiai atrodo :))

  3. You look great!