January 25, 2015



Hello! How are you in this cold winter?
Today's post is very simple and about my classy outfit. Maybe it is not a style of nowaday's youth, but it is definitely a style of sophistication and politeness.


The outfit is a little bit inspired by Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn or Jackie Kennedy's style. They all three are my idols when it's talking about classical and sophisticated style from 20th century. They wear pearls, lovely headbands, luxury golden jewelery and classical shaped clothes. Their subtlety but rich style are the basics of nowadays' classic and classy style.
For today's outfit I've chosen a pastel color palet. The beloved sweater with crystal buttons is grey color which is called light marble. This is a grey which glow and doesn't look like a fur of a grey mouse. Also I have some bracelets on my wrist - a golden and one with pearls. I love gold and pearl match because looks sophisticated (and cool). What makes my whole look more classy is a black headband which could be used to create a style of 40s but also of 90s. Also, this headband reminds me of Gossip Girl character Blair Waldorf (portrayed by Leighton Meester) whose style is preppy but feminine.



This outfit is very universal because you can go to school, theatre, meet friends dressed like that and never look boring or hackneyed. It's a power of classic style.


Marble grey sweater: United Colors of Benetton
Black headband: regular supermarket
Golden bracelet: gift from Germany
Light blue bracelet with pearls: DIY
Silver earrings: Pietro Filipi



  1. Love this simple look! Especially the gray sweater. You look so nice.
    I just found your blog and a really like it :)


  2. I love the way the pictures are take. They're so sweet ! And you're so cute ♥
    Really love your blog ♥