January 11, 2015

Old School Fairies


Maybe I am living in the memories now, because second post in a row I upload photos from past. Previous post photos was from last summer, now it is from 2012 summer.

I've been loving photography since I was a little child. In 6th grade I got my first "better" camera and I was making so many photoshoots for my friends and classmates and that made me to improve my skills.
This photoshoot, that photos I want to share with you today, has been shot with very old, vintage film camera which belongs to my and my best friend Kamile's former physics teacher.
This photoshoot was very challenging because we didn't know how to roll up the film and we (actually I) ripped it. That is why we don't have all photos from this photoshoot because we opened the camera and the film was lit by sunlight. But we are not so despodent because we had a great time together... Now, I remember that day and find myself smiling...


The stylistics have been created by me and my friend Kamile. We wanted to look elegant, simple but polite and pure, so we chose bright colors. 
Here I am wearing a white dress and silk scarf as a bottom part. I wouldn't wear it on regular day because it's not very tight and strong constructed in the bottom part.. Kamile has done my hair in a big messy bun.
Kamile is wearing a white sleeveless blouse and a little bit crazy skirt. Her hair is loose but she wears a white headband for mor girly look. Also she has an accessory in her hands - an old school photo camera.



F1110011 F1110012

One character, called Barney, from my favorite series "How I Met Your Mother" once said "New is always better". But in this photoshoot we didn't use new camera or clothes and it doesn't look worse...



  1. Beautiful pictures!


  2. I LOVE these photos!! I also love the film grain it makes the pictures almost look like a memory.

    I recently acquired an old camera and I do not know how to put film in it either.. I am going to have to find someone to help me with this. Your post certainly makes me want to try it out though!

    Thank you!

    1. Thank you! That's so lovely to hear from you that you are interested in that kind of photography too! :)