July 7, 2015

City Hippy


A traditional hippie to me and I guess to everyone looks very bohemic: floral prints, loose hair, hair bands, jeans, kooky bags, bangles and colourful details. But how should an urban hippy look like? Classy, but wild!
I think that a classiness manifest in flower kid's look should be classical colour matches, like black and white, navy and white and etc. The hippyish spirit is in the accents, like a bag, sandals or hair.
In my opinion, hair is the basis of every look, so for today, I have chosen loose, naturally waved hair and I did't forget the most iconic hippy detail - hair band. Don't use too many hair products, because hippies are the kids of nature and the key is to have it healthy but natural.
Being hippy or, at least, hippyish is very fun. It gives a chance to experiment with details, accessories and hair, to don't care a lot about your look and feel a part of nature even in the city.

white jacket: Sisley
shirt: Esprit
denim shorts: Levi's (501)
sandals: Geox
bag: vintage
head band: Zara



DSC02709red   DSC02701red


DSC02872   DSC02807red