July 28, 2015

Some classiness that I hate

DSC03753 copy


Why do I hate classiness? Maybe I don’t? Can I hate something that I was born with - with a sense of classic style. 
From my early childhood I was dressed up very preppy, chic and a bit vintage. I've never had a jumper with Micky Mouse or Barbie t-shirt and I’ve never rocked the hip hop, street or funky style although I was trying to build up a goth/emo look once.. Sometimes I wish I had tried more different styles but sometimes I am very thankful that I didn't because there weren't any chances that my outlooks could look lame and cheap.
Well, in July 14th my blog became one year old and with those over 60 posts I realised that sometimes I am not very satisfied what I have created. I want to change my style a bit because I feel that the classiness sometimes is too boring for my nature.
Well, this outfit doesn't reflect who I am... Although it's very cute.

blouse: Massimo Dutti
shorts: Vintage
belt: Celine
jacket: Jackpot

DSC03651 copy

DSC03634 copy

DSC03624 copy

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