July 22, 2014



To me, Carousel is linked with joy, childhood and carelessness.
There aren't a lot of Carousels in Vilnius, but one of my favourites is the one in the Bernardine Garden.


My look is very classic and simple, all black & white. I think that this combination of colors is also practical and not very whimsical. You can always brighten your outfit with a few golden accessories or colour details e.g. my golden bracelet and necklaces, as well as my red moccasins.



My make up is au naturel (more about this in the upcoming post).
Today I was using Dior eye shadows and Giorgio Armani dark green eye pencil which is totally invisible in the photos.



It was a perfect day for a white lace shirt. It makes the whole outfit look romantic and festive.
Because of the little wind I put a short black sweater on which perfectly matches the shape of the shirt.


White Lace Shirt: ZARA
Black Skinny Jeans: Massimo Dutti
Black Short Sweater: Jackpot
Bracelet: Gift from Augusta
Necklaces: H&M
Red Moccasins: Salamander

Thanks to my friend Daniele for the beautiful photos!
Good luck!

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