July 20, 2014

Style of Flea Market

flea market
Every city of the world has it own flea market. Every flea market has it own sellers and buyers. Every seller and buyer has it own style.
Today I was in Vilnius' Flea Market where I saw a lot of inspiring people who we can learn from.



1. A lady with a fox backpack. This accessory is very original and creative, that's why I wanted to share it with you.


2. A trendy girl. I like her long shirt "Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?". This phrase is a title of the song by "Arctic Monkeys". Her style is a mix of boho, grunge and street.



3. A women with a dog. I couldn't say that a pet is an accessory, but when there is a big friendship between human and dog it's very fascinating and the look looks more stylish. Also I like her t-shirt. The color of a cricle is very trendy!


3. A classy girl. She wears one of my favorite combination: dark jeans, a white shirt and a black leather jacket. 


4. Women with an original t-shirt. The accent of her look is a rabbit in the pocket. Very sweet and artistic.

girl with pink blouse

5. Casual women. I really like the match of the colors pastel pink and pastel blue. It's a perfect match for summer.

girl with striped dress



6. Beautiful romantic girl. She is one of the most stylish people in the market. The girl was wearing long loose horizontal striped dress which fits perfectly for her because she is very tall and slim. She matched converse shoes to the bag and hat. Her accessories are minimalistic and elegant. The look is very summery.



7. Girl with little black dress. The V-neck makes her look taller. Texture of the dress might feel good for summer. The best accent of her look is electric blue color flat shoes with black platform. It looks very trendy.


8. Lady with red lips. Her all outfit is minimalistic and plain, but bright red lips make her stylish and classy.




9. Two girls in black. They look similiar at the first sight but later i understood that they are different: the girl on the left looks more boho, edgy and effortless; the girl on the right looks more grunge and punk. I really like girl's with a bun new balance sneakers. I'm a big fan of this brand. 



10. Casual stylish lady. The lady looks very summerish and trendy: round-corner sunglasses, ombre hair. The catchy detail of this outlook is bright orange sandals.




11. Classy lady. Her look is effortless but elegant and minimalistic. Her good, classic sunglasses and shoes make her style look fascinating.


11. Boho street style women. Her clothes are very simple and plain but look looks lively because of the details: shoes with pink accents, blue bag and round boho sunglasses.



12. Girl and her minimalistic style. Her look's elegant but also casual because of the shoes. I really like the graphic texture of her pants and a thin necklace. Her little friend with pink dress was very lively and were making funny faces.


Good luck! :)

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