July 24, 2014

Inspirational Fashion Books and Magazines


There are a lot of things which inspire me. One of them are books and magazines about design, fashion and beauty. In this post I would like to represent and recommend them to you, my dear readers.

1. 100 New Fashion Designers by Hywel Davies

100 f d

100 f d 2

This book is a birthday gift from my former classmate Ruta. She brought it from Switzerland. It was first time when friend gifted me a fashion book.
This book is more like a catalog of new fresh designers from all over the world. I found some designer who are totally not my style and some who are really great and inspirational e.g. Jan TaminiauJens LaugesenCarola Euler and etc.


2. Sex and the City: Kiss and Tell  by Amy Sohn, Sarah Wildman, Sarah Jessica Parker

Sex and the city

Sex and the city 2

This book's from New York, sent to my mom and me by our relatives.
The book is basicly about 1st season of popular series "Sex and the City". There are all Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha's best outfits. Also, there is written whole plot of every single episode.
For me it's not a book, it's an encyclopedia of this popular american show. What I like about this book that there are many style, outfit and beauty ideas.


3. Vintage Fashion Magazines


vintage red

vintage dresses redddddf
My maternal grandfather was designer and tailor. He was searching ideas and inspirations in those days' fashion magazines and catalogs. Now they are over 60 years old and written in Latvian because in the middle of 20th century Ryga was one of the best fashion cities in whole Soviet Union.
I like to leaf these magazines when I need some vintage ideas or when I want to remember my grandpa.



mados istorija
This book is a birthday gift from my dear friend Daniele. I'm very amazed and thankful her for that because this book's just awesome. I found stories about every famous designer's career, about legendary fashion icons, about the differences of trends and etc. Everything is very interesting and there are a lot of stunning fashion photos.


5. "Interior Design Atlas" by Francisco Asensio Cerver

Design 1


When I was a kid I loved to leaf this atlas and pick photos of my dream house. Of course my dream house concept has changed many times.
The estetic of this book is very appropriate to me. I love the photos which are very professional and good quality. This book is a like bible for interior design.


6. "Elle" August issue



Elle 2

August isn't yet but my amazing friend Indre gifted this Elle issue for my birthday. I'm very thankful and happy! It's a totally different thing to leaf real Elle than read elle.com in computer. Also, I found Lithuanian face in this magazine - Edita Vilkeviciute in Viktor&Rolf BONBON advertisement.
I haven't read all articles yet, especially the main one about cover girl Cheryl Cole because I want to leave the best things for the time while i'll be in my fazenda.


If you know more interesting books and magazines which inspires you, write down in comments.
Good luck!

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