August 28, 2014

Four Days Until Autumn


Summer passed by our eyes really quickly. I still can't believe that Autumn is just around the corner and full of new experience, changes, disappointments and joys.
Today my look is very simple, cosy but classy.


It's the end of August and the temperature has already fell down. It's kinda chilly and we can't go out anywhere without a woolen sweater or even a light coat or jacket. In Lithuania wind is a usual thing so without this cosy coat I would be frozen.


All clothes in this look are from Massimo Dutti. I haven't notice that until now when I am writing this post. I love Massimo Dutti's style. It's a handful of classics, politeness, sophistication, quality and fashion.
Today's outfit could be called cosy but classy. It's cosy because all clothes are really comfortable and practical.

A roll-neck sweater is a perfect thing if you haven't morally ready to wear knit scarfes which protect you from wind and cold. Also, roll-necks make your neck longer optically.


A match of roll-neck sweater and this coat reminds a little bit of 90s, but it's classics and never runs out of fashion.


I thought that roll-neck doesn't require necklace so I put on some jewelery on my hands. Not much because I don't like too much.

Woolen Coat: Massimo Dutti
Roll-Neck Sweater: Massimo Dutti
Black Skinny Jeans: Massimo Dutti
Belt: Massimo Dutti
Bracelet: Gift from Germany
Watch: Barisal
Shoes: Penny Black
Rings: H&M
Earrings: Swarovski


Have a great a end of the Summer!!!