August 29, 2014

Inspired by 40s


Hello dears!
Today my look looks old-fashioned because it's inspired by World War Two fashion.
At first when I did my hair and dressed up like this I thought that it will be very old-fashioned in a negative way. But then I realised that this style could be also very interesting and beautiful because it's a chance to do some research about this period which had affected fashion a lot.


During the World War Two women had to wear their hair shorter and up, this deemed necessary for safety sake when operating machinery.
Today my hair style has been done taking in mind this fact. I have done two little buns in back secured with bobby pins. This hairdo is very practical indeed. I am going to wear it in ballet lessons because it's comfortable and the hair doesn't disturb and fall on my face.



In World War Two women didn't wear a lot of jewelery because there was an economic crisis and not safe to wear it in front of soldiers and impoverished civils.

Nowadays there is no war (and I hope there won't be) and I wanted to create a modern detail of this look.
Golden minimalistic rings match perfectly to this minimalistic white nail color which is painted today in a beauty salon "Mylėk Save". It's very trendy to wear rings on thumbs lately. Hand accessories look great with the same colors bracelets which are on my wrist.
My d.i.y. pearl bracelet matches minimalistic pearl earrings.


The coat, that I am wearing, is very classical shape and reminds me of 40s when the tight waist was in vogue. Those days' fashion designers like Dior, Balenciaga and etc. made that kind waist very modern and innovative and raised it to the high fashion.

Coat: Mango
White Blouse: Zara
Pearl Earrings: Gift from Cousin
Pearl Bracelet: DIY
Golden Bracelet: Gift from Germany
Golden Rings: H&M
White Color Nail Manicure: Beauty Salon "Mylėk save" ("Love Yourself")


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