August 30, 2014

One Watch - Seven Ideas to Wear


Today I decided to experiment with my watch and discover many diferent ways to wear it with other accessories. I will share these ideas with you because I think that it might help you to match hand accessories each other.
The watch that I have is a classic Swiss watch that my mom has bought in Germany many years ago.. It was her one of the favorite accessories for years. But now, when she has a new and better one, she gave it to me.

1. Minimalistic golden match


This is a basic match. It's very simple - only watch and a golden bracelet. I crossed them to create more stable situation.

2. Black and Golden.


The first match has been supplemented by leather bracelet with little golden and silver beads and a minimalistic golden ring with a little bubble on it. The golden beads and the bubble match perfectly. The black leather of bracelet matches with black leather strap of watch. What all accessories have in common - is golden color.


3. Humble one


In my opinion, dark blue and golden is one of the best match in accessories. It's simple and conservative but very sophisticated, classy and luxurious. This small dark blue bracelet with golden beads, which looks very modestly, simple but classy and chic, matches the watch capitally.

4. Golden and Dark Blue


 In this case I've matched a big massive golden metal bracelet with small blue one with golden beads. The contrast of size is strange right? But the entire match looks like a princess' cuff.

5. Pearls with gold


If you have a long pearl necklace, you always can wrap it on your wrist. But for more original look - wear your watch on it. These river pearls look like an old white lace and create chic and retro style.


6. Two accessories with straps


Watch and the bracelet both have black leather straps. It's a very tricky thing because it might look too crowded match, although it looks kinda grungy because of the massiveness.


7. With a scarf


I know, at first it looks weird to wear carf on the forearm but it looks very trendy and matches with the watch. But be careful - not all of the scarfes fit for this case - make sure it's light (silk, polyster) and not too big. If you want something more - add a minimaliistic bracelet.


1. Watch: Barisal
2. Golden Bracelet: Gift from Germany
3. Dark Blue Bracelet with Golden Beads: DIY
4. Massive Golden Bracelet: Ibero
5. Minimalistic Golden Ring: H&M
6. Leather Necklace with Golden and Silver Beads: PamÄ—nkalnis Galery. Author: J. LukauskaitÄ—
7. River Pearls: Gift from London
8. Golden Bracelet with PU Leather Strap: H&M
9. Blue/White Silk Scarf: Gift from India.