November 16, 2014

Hand Accessorizing Ideas and Tips


Lately I was doing my previous posts review and realised that I like to put a lot of accessories on my fingers and wrists. So I decided to make a post about hand accessorizing and give you some ideas.
A word accessory comes from latin word accessio which means "additional", "extra thing". From the first sight we think that accessories aren't necessary but we don't even imagine what a big effect they give to out outfit and whole personal image.
From the ancient times accessory, especially jewelry, was an earmark of wealthy and rich people. In nowadays life people can freely choose if they want accessories or not. Talking about myself, I love accessorizing and I've been wearing accessories since I was a little girl: started from little hair ribbons, bows, cute wooden necklaces, friendship bracelets and bijouterie from Barbie magazines to first golden earrings and expensive jewelry. I am that kind of person who likes to pay attention on details so accessorizing is very important operation of my routine. Esspecially I like to put rings on my fingers and bracelets and watches on my wrists. I understand that too much jewelery on hands could be uncomfortable for working, writing and etc. So with that experience I can give you some tips and ideas.



1. Don't be afraid to match and combine two different bracelets or rings even it seems that they are totally different style.

2. Try to match golden and silver jewelry. At first it seems that it should be worn separately, but golden and silver minimalistic rings or bracelets goes together very well.

3. Play with size: match minimalistic pieces with big and lage once.

4. Try a classical but forgotten match - pearls and metal. It's very occasional and chic.

5. When you want something original on your wrist try silk neckerchief and match some jewelery too.

6. Don't forget your thumb or pinky and put some rings on these fingers too. It is very trendy now.

7. Match your nail color to your accessories and that will make your look more finished.

8. Match your minimalistic bracelets to your watch, but be careful and look that the jewelry wouldn't scratch the glass of the watch.


1. The same bracelet looks good alone but better with a golden minimalistic bracelet.

2. Two the same minimalistic rings on thumb


3. Pearls and metal.   White bracelet and nail color match.


4. Silk neckerchief on a wrist with a golden bracelet and a watch.


5. Many (but not too many) minimalistic rings on one hand.


6. After broking and changing the glass of watch I never match bigger bracelets. I usualy wear this favorite minimalistic bracelet which doesn't damage my watch...



  1. I'm definitely one of those people who are obsessed with rings and often overdo it... Great tips! xx