December 14, 2014

When I'm in a bad mood for photoshoots


 Hey, I know it's been a while since I write in my blog. Shame on me... Well, I got a flu for a month and this sick feeling doesn't motivate me to write new post, not the mention to do photoshoots. So, for today I found some old  photos (taken in October) from a photoshoot that I didn't like at first time, but now, when I looked at these photos closely, I've found that they are really good!


Why some of the photoshoots ends a failure?
The answer is simple - because of the bad mood. In this case I was very depressed of the weather and eventually I didn't like my whole look. I think, that photos reflect my mood...

How to fix the photos?
Definitely by retouch. Adding some color effects, adjusting the exposure or croping and rotating can radically change the mood of the photo.

All in all, I recommend not to do a photoshoot when you are in a bad mood, but if it's necessary, it's better to hide behind a tree.


Ok, let's talk about the outfit which is very simple. The dark blue sweater that I'm wearing is my school uniform, Blue skinny jeans and my black boots match each other and create leaner legs. My beloved coat here is open to show golden pendant. After a rain my curls had gone but anyways I liked my messy hair style..




Coat: Mango
Sweater: school uniform
Jeans: Zara
Boots: Donna Carolina
Golden Pendant: H&M

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