February 8, 2015

How to create a Mono-Color Outfit?


There are some opinions that wearing a mono-color outfits is very boring, blank and unstylish. In my opinion is not about the colors, it's about the shapes, textures and of course, an attitude.

In only this photo I wear a fur vest which is very practical and fancy-looking in winter. I wanted no to freeze and match different layers.

Creating a mono color outfit is not very simple as it looks from the first sight. Sometimes it happens accidentally and perfectly, but sometimes it makes to work a little bit harder to have a flawless outfit.

Style: try to stay to one style. Afterwards you can see yourself in a mirror as a funny hipsterish person with sweatpants, beanie, formal jacket and cowboy boots. That is not a good match.

Shapes and sizes: make sure that all clothes fit and suit to you. It's very important because from the first sight it might look suitable but in photos you can see not a very sweet truth.

 Textures: combine a few different textures. For example: cotton + woolen (so simple but never disappoints).

Brands: even it's mono-color, it doesn't mean that it should be mono-brand.

Shades: try to match different shades of that particular color - from light to dark...


In my case I've chosen icy baby blue color which looks so pretty especially in winter! Also, I have taken with me a dark green backpack and a dark blue sweater. Those colors match with icy blue and the backpack adds an eclectic accent to the look of its simplicity and old-school style.

When I was in a restaurant, I had my dark blue sweater on. This blue is also blue despite the fact that it's dark one. Also I was wearing a blueish grey bracelet with pearls that I have created by myself.


Coat: Zara
Jeans: Zara
Blouse: Zara
(omg, is everything from zara???)
Backpack: Ecco
Earrings: Swarovski
Dark blue sweater: George


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