February 15, 2015

Black and White


Today I want to share with you some b&w photos from my recent photoshoot.

Last week I was studying in another school called Mykolas Biržiška's gymnasium because of exchange program. It was such an interesting and warm week for me because I met so many friendly people, discovered another atmosphere of education.. This school was so different to my present school and I couldn't say that the difference is like black and white because both of them are great schools!

Hmm.. Talking about the photoshoot: I have never had a black and white photoshoot before this one. It's very usual to see almost all photos that are in internet in color. But I have just dicovered the beauty of greyscale and I would like to take photos of other people in black and white by myself.
In these photos I wear a really simple outfit: my school uniform sweater and white collar blouse. This isn't gaudy but nothing like classic is important in this black and b&w estetic.



This dark sweater reminds me 90s Calvin Klein ads.





I don't know why but in these photos I think that I look like Kristina Bazan. But just a little bit. 



Black And White


This hairstyle is very popular among my fashionable friends so I decided to try it and I realised that it's too arty for me.


Black and white match could brass off because of monochrome look that all world is mastered it and usually look very boring but there are always so many ways to look classy, polite but interesting and catchy wearing greyscale outfit:

  • Wear jewelry and that will make your look more finished.
  • Try to match a few different textures layers.
  • Make sure your hair is flawless.
  • Don't forget to smile because the match of b&w sometimes makes people to look very serious and businesslike.
  • Have a cheerful attidute to the world and every outfit will look perfect on you.


  1. Hello :) I just nominated you for Liebster award :)