February 18, 2015

Ice Ice Baby


Hello! This post is a sequel of  my previous post "How to create a mono-color outfit?" because it was shooted the same day and with the same clothes. But today's post is about outdoors mood and outfit.
Why "Ice Ice Baby"? Because this whole outfit is classic, street style, free, sporty and a little bit eclectic just like this song and the video clip. Also, the word "Ice" is here not by coincidence. The color of my coat is very icy and blue. Some people call it "baby blue", but I prefer "icy blue" because it sounds better and my imagination finds it more luxurious.
Someone once said that winter scarf and beanie must be the same texture and at least the same color. But I would like to deny this opinion. I have never had the same scarf and beanie and I didn't die. If you have the same color, texture or even brand beanie and scarf, that's great! But there are always possibilities to look great with the different ones. What you need to do is just to have sence of style. By the way, I wear this beanie in these photos by accident! I didn't plan to have a photoshoot with this beanie but before this photoshoot I walked into H&M and saw this beanie for sale. That was a very great purchase because it's very warm and not very expensive!



I think, that this backpack matches the beanie perfectly. They both have that kind of gungy element and add eclectic feeling to the outfit.



Coat: Zara
Jeans: Zara
Gloves: United Colors of Benetton
Scarf: United Colors of Benetton
Beanie: H&M
Backpack: Ecco


Get this look for $74+ on Lookastic: Light Blue Coat, Light Blue Skinny Jeans, Dark Green Backpack, Beige Scarf, White Plaid Wool Gloves, and Black Beanie


  1. Totally agree! No need to be all matchy-matchy when it comes to deciding on a scarf and beanie. I love the way you've styled this outfit! It's so fresh!