February 22, 2015

Trend or Indviduality?


Anna Wintour once said "Trend to me is a dirty word". Then I thought: what a word "Trend" means to me and does it influence my style?

Let's be honest, nowadays all popular clothing shops provide the trendiest garments. But do all those clothes are worth to be bought? Do they reflect my and other people characters? I don't think so. I think that it's a template for those who don't care about their appearance or who aren't able to create the style that they want to.
Sometimes we forget that in our country there are so many talented designers and many small specialized boutiques that are more interesting than popular international shops. Recently I discovered two amazing Lithuanian brands that I want you to know.

The first one is "Wake Up and Go" (liet. "Atsikeli ir varai") that I have talked about in the post "Wake Up and Go". In today's outfit I wear their jumper with horse heads on the collar. I decided to add my own classical white collar because I thought that the white heads needed something white in a company. This look of the top could be worn at school, in a concert, theatre because it's very gorgeous although practal and by adding some accessories or matching other clothes we could change the whole look.


The second brand is "Unlabel" that I have discovered accidentally, the same day this photoshoot had been made. I was walking around in centre of the city before the photoshoot and saw very subtle and minimalistic designed shop and I was very curious. This curiosity took over that I left this shop with new pants on. So this whole outfit wasn't planned, it was spontaneously created.
What I like about "Unlabel" brand and shop that it isn't something gaudy and banal, their style is very subtle but feminine and cozy. They have a strong attitude on quality of the production and create very comfortable and beautiful clothes. Their little shop is all white, bright and cozy and that is why I loved to be there.




The word "Trend" to me means nothing much and associates with supermarkets and credit cards. Sometimes I want to be trendy but when I look in to the mirror and see myself with all of those "trendy" clothes I feel that I lost my indviduality. I'm not saying that buying clothes from popular shops is a bad thing (for heaven's sake, no!!!), but I'm just saying that there are some interesting shops and brands near us and we don't need to order, purchase from only online or popular shops to find our indviduality and style. Good luck!



Jumper: Horse Head Label
Pants: Unlabel
White collar top: United Color of Benetton
Sneakers: New Balance
Bracelet: H&M