March 1, 2015

How I Robbed Men


In one book about fashion I've read that a stylish woman is able to find suitable clothes and accessories in men's (but never in kids') clothing stores. So I decided to go to men's Zara and see if there is any interesting clothes or accessories for women.

That day I was sick and tired of those sweet pastel colors, floral patterns and cute skater skirts that I saw in window-shops. I wanted something clear and simple without any gaudy details and then I saw men's Zara shop and walked in a little bit timidly.
There was a cute boy with his mom, some nippy guys and a few asian girls who wanted to buy gifts for their boyfriends. I wasn't any type of them. I just was curious and all that I saw there was very unexpected.
When my friend Beatrice was watching my photos on my phone and saw these ones, that are in this post, she didn't understand that these photos were taken in men's Zara until I told her. These garments are very subtle and simple and would amazingly fit and suit for those girls and women who don't like gaudy, preppy or cute style, who like kinda ascetic, kinda scandinavian but very delicate and little bit sporty style.


1. Grey baseball cap

It was the first thing that I saw from accessories because of its woollen texture and classical look. It is sporty but very classy and polite at the same time. It would look great with sneakers and sweatpants, but also with classic coat and oxford shoes. The color is very universal and sophisticated. I would say that it's more accessory of the fall than of spring because of its color and the mood that it creates.



2. Black baseball cap "8"

It reminds me The Weeknd's song "Glass Table Girls" where are lyrics "Bring the 707 out".  I am not going to go deeper into the meaning.. But, number 8 is one number bigger than 7. The style of this cap is like "swag" but it's still very delicate "swag" and looks sporty but also classy and subtle.




3. Fingerless gloves

These fingerless gloves are unisex. They adds kinda grungy element to the outfit but there is only one "but": I personally wouldn't recommend to wear them for those people who don't have long lean fingers and shapely hands because that kind of gloves shortens your hands visually


IMG_1796 IMG_1797

4. Melange beanie

That is that kind of beanie that almost every mom could knit up for her son (that's why it is found in men's shop). It's very cozy, reminds me scandinavian style and nordic weather. It could be matched to sporty outdoor outfit but also to preppy skirt and burberry style raincoat.




5. Leather and cotton gloves

Hmm... This is a very classical accessory. It kinda reminds me the notorious detective Poirot from Agatha Christie's books. These gloves (like Poirot) are sophisticated, maybe little bit vintage but delicate. It perfectly looks in urban modern outfit but also in preppy cute one.


IMG_1803 IMG_1802
IMG_1805 IMG_1806


6. Cool mirrored sunglasses

I don't know why but when I saw these mirrored sunglasses, Jean Claude van Damme stood in my eyes. I haven't seen a lot of his films, but it just associates to me with a cool guy. But actually, if a woman has a modern and grungy style, why not to put these mirrored glasses on her nose?



7. Retro sunglasses

They are unisex. Both gender people could wear them. Full stop.


8. Big black bag

At first sight it doesn't look like a men bag because it looks very traditional. But of its big size and capacity it is called men bag.. Actually, I personally believe that it would be very practical for going to school and packing all these heavy books in this bag... The design is very simple and it makes everything practical - starting from the color, finishing to size.




9. Red sport bag

This is very weird thing. Very! But it also very interesting one! The fabric of this bag is kinda plastic but it creates urban and modern mood and adds a great colorful accent to the outfit especially if the outfit is all black. The bag is sporty but It could be used not only for puting training clothes, It could be grabed for sunday coffee break or for an afternoon in a library.



10. Black backpack

This reminds me a little bit of Alexander Wang's collection for H&M that was last year. This backpack is menly black and maybe not for all girls but I find it very practical and stylish for everyday things. I clearly imagine myself going to school with this backpack.




11. Another amazing black backpack
(but only with buckles)

When I saw this amazing backpack I was in heaven because I was looking for that kind of model for a long time and never found a not very expensive but still more quality variant. Of course, it's not leather but it's ok (it's also good not to kill animals and etc). I'm seriously thinking about buying this backpack and wear it in school and casual days.



12. Black shirt with white oblong figures

This shirt is very urban, modern and delicate. The classical match of white and black is lighted with a geometric motive and created subtle street style. Maybe it's menly but looks interesting on female body and looks great on those girls who have wider hips because it emphasizes top part of the body.





All in all sometimes it could be easier for women to find clothes in men's shop because these shops are full of simple clothes which are sometimes missed by our hearts. Actually I won't recommend to men to go to women's clothes shops though.

P.S. all photos are added effects via VSCOcam. It's a very cool app which I recommend for every photography lover.


  1. Your style is insane and you're so pretty too, omg! I'm definitely doing to check out the Zara man section next time I'm shopping! xx