March 14, 2015


hey cia as su daug kepku
Beanies beanies beanies......
This week was very intense. I had many meetings with interesting, talented people, there were some tests in school and, also, speaking exam which was easier than I thought. But also, this week was beanies buying week...

Last Thursday, after exam, I walked in H&M store in GO9 and saw a bunch of beanies for sale. I threw a look on them without any hopes for finding some worth buy beanies. But I saw 9 interesting beanies that 2 of them have been put in my shopping cart.

All of them are for sale and cost up to 3 euros.

1. Flickering vertical striped beanie


When I saw it I was very sceptical and thought that this is a tasteless crap but I decided to try it on and, eventually, I really liked it! Without any doubts I bought it because I wanted that kind of modern street accent in my wardrobe. It's a great a tiny bit rough urban accent on the head in Spring outlooks where only pastel and soft colors dominates.

2. Tumblr bow beanie


This bordeaux beanie reminds me of that time when I was in 6th grade and I was writing my blog "─îiobreli┼│ sodas" and I was uploading #cute, #artistic tumblr photos and was crazy about bows. I was that crazy that I wanted everything with bows... So this beanie is kinda nostalgic to me, but in a good way.

3. Chocolate bird's beanie


This beanie is weird of that hairy texture but at the same time I like that weirdness. It reminds me a pink flamingo or that scene from movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory where Willy Wonka puts a pink candy into Grandpa Joe's mouth and after a few moments a chocolate bird hatches from that candy. It's a totally weird scene and totally weird association... But the point is that this beanie is kinda contraversial. By adding it to the right outift it could be an amazing detail otherwise it's a funny flop.

4. Neon light


Oh this is a crazier variant of my black bow beanie that I wear in post "Ice Ice Baby". It's the same but the difference is this neon yellow color which makes everything very youthful and crazy. It's an option for skiing because this color attracts attention...

5. Classical black beanie


Three words: classical and simple. It's a practal option because it matches almost in every outfit. Full stop.

6. Neon light no.2


This is a neon orange beanie but without a bow. The shape is very simple without any details. I love it because of the color and it's also a very nice variant for skiing or traveling in winter.

7. Lilac beanie


This beanie is full of English - Scandinavian weekend spirit. I love the color of it. It's very sweet but still delicate and classy and also I'm in love with this large knitting texture because it makes everything cozier... Guess what! This beanie is now in my home because I bought it! I couldn't resist!

8. Elmo beanie


This beanie is very childish and funny in a good way. Actually, I found it in men's section, where I didn't expect to find anything like that. This Elmo from Sesame Street on your head could be given as a snappy, funny and creative Valentine's (because it's red) or birthday present.

9. Emerald green beanie


The color ir rich, the texture is rich, the shape is rich. Everything looks rich and looks very Parisian. This emerald green beanie reminds me Amelie from Monmartre, that delicate, polite but always charming girl with amazing classical 2000s style.


This was a case when I found something interesting to buy for sale. I would have bought all of them but my wardrobe is not infinite.. :(


  1. i definitely need to get myself some beanies for bad hair days! these are all really cute :)

    xx danielle // shades of danielle