March 22, 2015

Dress is never Casual


Hello! This post is about a dress that I wear and dresses that we all wear.
After refreshing vegan dinner and a beautiful walk around old town shops I thought about the dress as a garment in nowadays world. And I came to the conclusion that dress is never casual. At first that sound illogical and stupid, because big white wedding dress differs from light and silky beach dress. But the point is deeper that it seems.
Until First World War pants for women were taboo and women without dress used to be unseen and weird thing. By sport and leisure clothes coming in twentieth century pants became very popular among both men and women and only between First and Second World Wars women started wearing pants universally. So, in twentieth and twenty first century, when we live in a fast life, pants is a much more practical and comfortable variant than dress. I personally haven't worn a dress or a skirt about a year for school days because I find pants and jeans more comfortable and practical and also, there are no chances that a wind will lift the skirt and I would feel ashamed. But a dress always looks better on women than pants because it was and still is one of the most harmonic, perfect and feminine garment of elegant lady.
When I wear a dress I feel more feminine and confident. Of course, feeling feminine and confident is very important for every day but dress makes everything more extraordinary and a little bit festive. it doesn't matter if it's a simple and romantic Laura Ashley's dress or bodycon dress for a party. It can't be casual.


This pink polo dress from "Atsikeli ir Varai" is very simple dress from the first sight but the match of all details such as collar, buttons, strings and logo makes it unique and also very univeral. For today I've created 2 similiar but also different looks with this dress.

1. Everyday chic
This look is match rose, pink color shades.
The New Balance sneakers make it little bit sporty but that's why it's called everyday chic.
This look could be worn in school or at work but would look great and artistic in art festivals.




DSC03133redrma ma

2. Street elegance
Black color always adds an elegant vibe to the look. I put on a black sweater because the logo of horse head is black.
This combination could be matched with black pumps or stilettos for more feminine look.
I personally imagine this outfit going to the party where I meet all my friends and I feel comfortable but look modern and elegant.



All in all, even having only one dress let us to create different looks and feel confident, beautiful and a little bit festive than usual but never casual.

atsikeli ir varai 3


Dress: Atsikeli ir varai
Black sweater: vintage
Bordeaux sweater: The Cashmere Company
Sneakers: New Balance (from Springs Store)


  1. Omg I love it! Want this dress in my life!

    Your post made me think about dresses, to be honest 4 days out of 7 I wear dress . Didn't realise that before, but it's an item which is easy to style and as you said can be dressed up or down :)

  2. Nice post and the dress too! I am also in dresses and skirts- biggest part of the week. I truly believe in that power, which makes us women feel a little bit more woman. Have a nice week and check my new post!

  3. Dress should be a bestfriend for all girls. And your dress is really pretty :)


  4. Couldn't agree more, dresses definitely make me feel more girly! Love this look! X

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