April 4, 2015

Six Braids for Spring


Hello! Sorry for not writing in the blog for a week. I was very busy with photoshoots and meeting old friends. For today I thought I could share with you some fashionable braids hairstyles for spring.
Well, now it's the 3nd of April and no one had fooled me the day before yesterday and so did I..
But, let's talk about braids and hair. Spring is that kind of time when everybody are preparing for Summer. Some of them counts days till summer, anothers work out in gym for summer body and others just don't care about anythink. Well I'm that kind of person who doesn't count days or calories till summer but I do care of myself. 
I take care of my hair and think that braids are the best solution for protecting the hair from spring wind. Many young girls have a boring image in their head of braids and they think this hairstyle is only for little kindergarden girls or old pensioner grandmas. So let me introduce to you six fashionable braids that are both practical and stylish and could be worn by everyone and anywhere.

1. French braid


French braid a.k.a. French plait or Lara Croft's braid.
Mines is messy, tousled and volumed. This braid is great, comfortable and practical for everyday because it's not very hard to create one but matching luxurious earrings or pearl necklace this french plait could be worn as a Holly Golightly's style evening hairstyle.



2. Pocahontas' casual


a.k.a. hippie's braid.
It's an interesting touch to loose hair. You can make a bigger or a smaller braid. I remember when I had done a very thin braid I didn't find it in my hair for a week. 


3. Pocahontas' occasional


This is a ponytail variant of the previous hairstyle. Comfortable ponytail but with a bohemic vibe.


4. Two braids


Ok, maybe this hairstyle is kinda childish and too playful but admit it, it's adorable. And if you choose right clothes and accessories, these two braids will look like from Dolce and Gabanna's runway. 



5. Side braid


This hairstyle is for those who like wearing loose hair but sometimes complains about difficulties of it because the hair fall on the face. These braids keep the hair out of eyes and also looks neaty and girly. 



6. Milkmaid braid


I love this look. It's sophisticated but little bit bohemic and careless. Also, it's very comfortable and practical. But there is only one difficulty - it requires longer than the shoulder hair.



  1. These braids look so pretty, I need to try them out x

  2. They are all so lovely! You look beautiful!


    1. Thanks! It's really nice to hear it from you.

  3. I love all of these! I think the milkmaid one is my fav though! Looks gorgeous! Also love how much fun you're having whilst taking the photos :). Great post!


    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment! :)