April 18, 2015

Warsaw's Street Style


Last Saturday I was in a beautiful Warsaw which is the capital city of Poland. I fell inlove with this city - it's full of breathtaking architecture, positive and friendly people, who are also very stylish and beautiful. So, in this post I would like to share some photos of one of the most fashionable people that I met in Warsaw that Saturday.


Street chic.

Her all outfit is black but everything is brighten by her red/orange chrome sunglasses. Also I love her match of black mini skirt and black running shoes. That's what it's called street chic.



A coulple with printed t-shirts.

They both look very youthful and match each other. I love lady's kenzo t-shirt and a red scarf, This match is very interesting - a summer t-shirt and a winter scarf but it looks very fashionable. Also I really like guy's sunglasses, which look minimalistic and stylish. And his t-shirt is amazing!



Chanel girl.

First when I saw her I was fascinated by so many Chanel logos! This girl looks very cute but also mature enough because of the Chanel. I love her choice of classical colors and also I love her hair!



A girl with animal printed shirt.

I always was sceptical about animal prints e.g. leopard, tiger, cheetah. But this girl looks amazing with a t-shirt which is a half animal printed. Also what attracted my attention was her sunglasses! They are so cool!!! 



Minimalistic black.

His black blazer is clasic but his sneakers are street style. The whole outfit is subtle but manly. Also I love his backpack and sunglasses. When I was shooting him he was posing very well and I thought that he is a model but it turned out that he is an actor Kamil Studnicki. 
Follow him on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/studnickikamil?fref=ts



Grungy but with a smile in a face.

This guy's outfit is perfectly matched! I love his pants which are with zippers on the knees. Also I love the match of black jacket, t-shirt and belt. Also I adore his sunglasses. His all outfit is dark but what I like the most that there are some white details and his sneakers are grey and green. Also what brightens everything is his optimistic smile.



Matched couple.

Separately they wouldn't look so fashionable as together. Their outfits match each other - they both are wearing black. I love guy's sunglasses which are with blue chrome shades. It's an amazing accent to a black outfit.




A guy with round glasses.

He is a great example when a one accent created an amazing and fashionable look. It's his glasses. Without them he wouldn't look so 90s classic. They perfectly fit to his face shape. Also I can praise his white Nike sneakers.



Cosy couple.

Another perfectly mathced couple with a scandinavian style vibe. They are both wearing blue ripped jeans, sunglasses and dark sneakers. I love women's hair and blouse and man's sweater on his shoulders. They look awesome!



A charming women.

At first her outfit looks boringly grey but when I saw the collar of the shirt her look seemed very modern and charming. I also love her leather jacket which looks luxurious and claasy and a watch.



Spring girl.

She was sitting in an outdoor restaurant with her family and looked very happy. She has a beautiful smile which is emphasized by cyclamen lipstick which is a very Spring detail of her look.



She is the only person who told her own name to me. Her name is Magda. She is perfectly beautiful as you can see. She looks like one of those Parisian girls from Monmartre. Her look is very delicate and subtle. I love her dress and coat and also I find that the colors match is very sophisticated and classy.



Australian optimism.

This girl has a beautiful wide smile. She was with four friends who seemed a little bit shy because they didn't want to be photographed a lot. They all are from Australia and looked very bright and happy. What I like about this girls's outlook that it's all black and white but with an amazing accent - red checked scarf. Also I love her subtle cat eye shape sunglasses.



Sporty cosy.

I like this guy's whole outfit. It's youthful, modern, but cosy and fashionable. I like the classical match of blue jeans and white shirt. Also I like his deep blue jacket and its shape. It kinda reminds me 90s.




Beautiful Chinese girls.

They are both wearing one of the most trendiest clothes at the time. The girl on the left wears Kenzo t-shirt, red loafers and has black leather jacket in her hands. The girl on the right wears a denim overall, white sneakers, long raincoat and round shaped sunglasses. I love the match of overall and long raincoat. They are both very stylish girls because they match trendiness with their styles.



Happy couple.

They both look happy and lively. I like their kinda messy but subtle style. I love women's messy hairstyle and the match of orange neon sneakers and blue denim clothes. 



Sophisticated lady.

She looks casual but not boring. I love the match of blue and grey colors. it looks fresh but also very classy. She looks modern but classy as well. The shaped of clothes are classical but textures and colors add a tiny modern vibe.


P.S. If you are a person that is in these photos, you can contact me personally via facebook or email and I will send you more of your photos.

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