April 19, 2015

6 things that I love about Warsaw


Last Saturday I was in a beautiful city called Warsaw. I was there just for one day but I saw, felt and photographed so much that I really want to share with you!

First of all I would like to say, that I didn't exprect that Warsaw could be such a beautiful and breathtaking city.. I thought that Poland generaly would be something similiar to Lithuania, but I was wrong. Poland is much more colorful and european than my hometown. I fell inlove with Warsaw because of its architecture, sculptures, historical buildings and so many positive people. Interesting fact that Warsaw was completely destroyed after World War 2 but Polish people and government wanted to have their cities, expecialy capital city, orderly beautiful and gave all their budget and heart to reconstruction of Poland. I adore this nation's esteem to their history, culture and desire to have a beautiful environment.


Because my blog is about my style I would like to say some words about my outfit while I was traveling. The most important thing for me is comfortable feeling when I'm moving and traveling so I was wearing very simple, little bit sporty (and also from cotton) clothes like skinny jeans, sneakers, tee and jacket. I chose the most classical and simpliest color match - black and white. Also I was working a little bit because I was hunting stylish people of Warsaw (read my previous post) so I needed to look tactful and polite.

What I love about Warsaw:

 1. People

All people in Warsaw were very positive. I didn't see any intensity or stictness in their faces and they are more relaxed than in Vilnius. Also, I loved that all streets were full of interesing faces. It shows that the city is alive.

2. Love to music

Poland has a notorious composer Fryderyk Chopin so there is a church in Warsaw's centre where his heart is buried and also some musical benches where you can push the button and it plays Chopin's music. Actually, Warsaw is all full of music. There are plenty street musicians or dancers. Once I felt so cosy when in main square a man played vintage jazz and I was eating my sorbet. It reminded me a movie "Amelie from Monmartre".


dddd3. Architecture

Warsaw's old town is just breathtaking. There are so many narrow little street, beautiful, decorated buildings, magnificent churches which reminds of old historical times but also, the new, modern buildings match together with old ones. This harmony is the main charm of the city...

4. Cosy places for sitting.

Warsaw is a very cosy city. There are so many places where people can meet, sit and chat together outdoors. I am not talking about benches, which there are many, but I am talking about parks, stairs, squares and etc. In the main square there are many outdoor restaurants, but if you are not hungry, there are many stairs and ledges which are comfortable, cosy and turns into a beautiful view.





5. A lot of luxurious cars

Well, luxuriuous cars in the streets is a beauty for my eyes although I am not an expert of the cars. In Warsaw I saw ferrari and I was very excited. I would say that in Lithuania there are much rarer cases to see ferrari in the streets. Also I saw Lamborghinis, BMW, Mustangs, some newest Audis and etc. I would say that luxuriuous cars says something about country's economics...

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6. Green oases

In Warsaw there are many green parks. I saw blooming cherries, sakuras and many other beautiful flora in the centre of the city. That just brightens the eyes as well as the soul.

I definitely recommend you to visit Warsaw if you already hadn't. It's a beautiful city that I would like to return back in this summer and know it better because one day wasn't enough for me.



  1. I visited Warsaw only once for one day when I was 13 and even though I can't remember much I still think of it as a beautiful city!


    1. Well, I hope that you'll visit Warsaw again! :)

  2. Nice post! You look really nice!


  3. Visada sakiau ir sakysiu, kad tu pati gražiausia mergina, kokią esu mačiusi. Taip manau jau kokius 3 metus, nuo tada kai pirmą kartą pamačiau blog'e.

  4. I also would not have thought Warsaw to be a beautiful city full of relaxed people or expensive cars. It truly does look beautiful. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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    1. Thank you so much for the award! <3 And also for reading my post <3