May 3, 2015

What not to wear to Pastel outfits?


Hi! The sakura blossom season is over here in Vilnius, but I have some sakura blossom pictures that I want to share with you guys.


All last week facebook wall was full of photos and selfies of sakuras. But right now these trees have already finnished their blossom and sakura park has very few visitors. But Lithuania has it own tree, which is very beautiful as sakura, cherry tree.


My outfit is all pastel and soft: beloved blue coat on shoulders, white top and blue jeans. The warm sakura colors match my pastel cold blue coat.

Having this pastel blue coat I've learned what not to wear with it and here are my tips:

DSC05147red6 things what not to wear to pastel outfits:

1. Anything in earth color. 
Because pastel colors are fresh and light and earth colors are heavier. Of course there are some exceptions.

2. Bright red.
Because rose pastel is soft, fresh and bright red is more femme fatale.

3. Black grungy boots.
It's better not to manage the eclectic outfit with pastel colors and black.

4. Neon colors.
It's better not to be a christmas tree.

5. Dark colors.
Pastel colors are bright and dark colors are totally opposite to them. But sometimes there are not that bad matches of pastel and black.

6. Skulls and other grungy details.
Although you want to look like 90s inspired tasteless girl.

So, I hope that these tips will make you to think about pastel colors, choosing the right matches and will inspire to wear something in bright, pastel colors because it's an amazing time - Spring!


Coat: Zara
Lacy Top: Zara
White Jacket: United Colors of Benetton
Jeans: Massimo Dutti


  1. I like the idea of this article :) that you didn´t only post the outfit but also suggested what not to wear with it. I agree but I have seen some outfits combining pastel colours and black for exemple and I liked it.

    1. Thank you so much for opinion. I think too that there are many outfits that are great examples of pastel and black colors match. <3

  2. Nice style!

  3. Wow, everything about those photos are just absolutely beautiful. Love the combo of the pink flowers, blue coat, and your red hair. Those are some good general rules with some exceptions, of course.