May 10, 2015

What you should know about white color


Hello! Today I would like to talk about white color and show you some photos that are taken with both digital and analogue cameras.

White color has so many different faces and aspects. It's very minimalistic but also a very rich color. In Japan people wear white clothes when they mourn but in a place where I live white is understood as a color of purity, light and immaculacy.
White also symbolizes spring, blossom and rebirth of nature.

 Talking about everyday style, I think that every person should have some simple white clothes because they always look occasional and brightens eyes and face.


The photographer of all photos for this post is my friend Teodoras. As you can see, there are two different types of photos here: color, who are taken with digital camera, and black and white, who are taken with analogue camera. It was very interesting to work with two different cameras for both of us. When we shot some photos with analogue camera I was very curious to see the result, but, unfortunately, we needed to wait for a few days to get photos done.


In film photos I look a little bit like from late 90s for myself. Maybe the classical outfit, 90s new balance sneakers and a long stream of series "Friends", who were watched that week, created this 90s mood in my head.




Well, I think that white color is like a clean canvas and matching other colors is not very difficult. But while styling and matching some white clothes you should pay attention on some details.

What you should know about white color:

1. Look at yout teeth.
 Make sure that your maybe not perfectly white teeth color wouldn't be highlighted in a bad way by wearing a very bright white top.

2. White tops should be put on carefully.
... if you wear make up. Foundation, powder, lipstick stains on clothes don't embellish your look.

3. Clean your white shoes everyday.
If you want to keep your white shoes as new and as beautiful as possible, after every walk clean them with dry cloth or with water if it's necessary. There are also special cleaners for white shoes.

4. Don't sit everywhere with white pants.
Make sure that a seat is clean. And if it's not, try to find a solution.

5. Remember that black color slimmers your body and white color - not always.
So choose white clothes wisely by knowing you body shape, height and etc.

Maybe these tips are very obvious but in that shopping craziness we sometimes forget the practical or impractical side of garment.


During a long walk we found an old, soviet car "Zhigul". By a coincidence, this car matched my outfit very well and also my 90s mood.




White skirt: H&M
White sneakers: New Balance 1050
White sleeveless blouse: Sisley
White jacket: Vackpot
White, short raincoat: Stefanel


  1. great pics white reeky suits you.

  2. Really pretty pics. I really love how vibrant the digital pics are. Teodoras is very talented! Also love your 90's sneakers and mixing a more dressed up look with casual shoes.

  3. Hi, I just came across your blog. I love this whole post. Not only the outfit, which is great, but I love the style of the taken pictures! So cool and gorgeous!


    1. Thank you so much! :* I'm very glad to hear!