May 17, 2015

How to match Elegance and Comfortability?


Hello! Today I would like to talk about comfortable but elegant feelings and looks.

The most important condition of flawless look is feeling, great in your skin and also comfortable. How to do that? Here are the steps:

1. You need to be brave. Because not everyone can wear sneakers and elegant bag. Maybe it's an usual thing for you, but if it's not, i recommend to you to step out from your comfort zone and try to match something different and crazy.

2. Wear clothes that fit to your body. Because too small jeans won't let you to sit on a chair but too big jeans will fall down off your hips and will force you to fix and pull them up every 5 minutes.

3. Wear clothes that are beautiful to you. Don't wear clothes you don't like even though they are designer's clothes and they are very expensive.

4. Wear good quality clothes. Because any elegant lady won't wear a shirt with loose threads.

5. Don't be afraid of different textures. Match woolen with synthetics or try some other contrast matches.

6. Be interested in your style. ...and never turn back to your own look, but don't be over worried and ultra pedant.

my own money

Well, that day, when these photos were taken i was half ill, and I didn't match the clothes at home. But I felt comfortable and pretty to myself.
I matched my elegant yellow bag with black sneakers (yeah, now I remember that song "Black and Yellow"). It's a modern and casual street combo.
Without my bag and coat I would have had a black and white match. And also sweatpants and shirt are loose so it would have looked very baggy and sporty. But with some colorful details I created this outfit more elegant but also it was very comfortable.

Coat: Zara
Shirt: Portobello market
Sweatpants: Unlabel
Bag: Zara
Sneakers: New Balance

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