May 24, 2015

White Balance


Hey all of you! The Spring runs so quickly so today my outfit is more lighter, easier and fits for casual day.

Oh, this week, full of sunny days, was very easy and went great. By the way, how was Eurovision Song Contest for you? Well, I am personally very happy that such an amazing song won this year. I love Sweden's performance: it was very minimalistic, stylish, creative and different. Also, this year were so many beautiful and catchy melodies, for example, Norway, Latvia, Estonia, Australia, Austria or Israel's songs... I am thinking about writing about music in my blog one day...
Now I hear Sweden's song in my head and I can't concentrate on writing, but uhmm... Well, my outfit is light but also comfortable and street style. I matched checked with striped patterns and black and white with dark blue and white.
As I said, this blouse and pants match is very light and little bit sporty so I didn't crowded my look with plenty of accessories, jewelery, I wanted to keep it minimalistic and maybe a little bit scandinavic..

This photo surprised me a little bit. Well, I am not a fan of photographing in front of cars and especially of very grungy ones, but I loved this shot, it's very 90s for me.
the war is not over

 Also, a very important detail of my look is my sneakers which are white. I have thought if it was 90s, or 00s, I would look like a comfortable looking tourist from Germany, but nowadays that kind of style of sneakers is very trendy and is an attribute of street style. 


These photos are by Teodoras. Also, with film camera he took about 30 pictures, that you'll see in the next post. During the photoshoot I met my good friend Beatrice, so we made some photos together. I love her style and she is also very beautiful model.




Blouse: H&M
Pants: Zara
Sneakers: New Balance 1005


  1. Love your outfit!! Also, I loved this year Eurovision. My personal favorites were Estonia, Latvia, Sweden, Belgium :)

    -L | The Nerdy Me