May 30, 2015

Analogue Moments


Hey, for today I have some cosy photos, from one beautiful Friday, that were took with film camera.

11291964_1626350097576956_1936740050_nThis post is a sequel of my previuos post. My outfit is the same and everything is the same exept the fact that these photos were taken with film camera by my friend Teodoras. 

Also, these pics are photoshop-free.. The colors, exposure, sarutation or contrast weren't edited. 


These photos may are the "behind the scenes" type, because in them I don't pose a lot comparing to the digital ones.
In front of film camera I feel different, I try to look more natural because I know that there we can only do 36 photos.11350304_1626350074243625_36693561_n

I love this picture down below. I like a weird composition and also I like that there is a stranger in this picture. This photo has motion feeling and doesn't look very static.



These photos with BMW are so "rajon" that I didn't think that I could upload them here, but they seem cool to me.


In this photo I'm with my amazingly beautiful friend Beatrice. I accidentally met her in the street..

I would say that these photos aren't fashion shots. They are more casual moments and arty pics.

Thank you, Teodoras, for your photos!