May 31, 2015

"Son de Flor" Opening


In 28th of May was such a beautiful, cosy and adorable opening of 'Son de Flor" brand in "Simple Homes" in supermarket "Europa".

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The founders of "Son de Flor": Vaida and Elze.

This opening was very cosy, full of amazing guitar music, warm people and delicious macaroons.
The location is a very adorable shop "Simple Homes". The interior is absolutely beautiful: white and pastel colors, match of Scandinavian and Parisian designs fascinates everyone's heart. A lot of small ornaments and interior details catched my eye. "Son de Flor" classy dresses match the interior and engage everyone to touch the fabric and maybe fit them. In this shop "Simple Homes" you will find everything you need to create bright, cosy home interior: Scandinavian crockery, French linen tablecloths, high quality German herbal tea and etc.

Brand "Son de Flor" reminds me of childhood cookies and coziness that you can feel in mom's hug. Elze and Vaida create amazingly adorable dresses that are for every soft and intelligent girl or woman. Their created clothes are famous for minimalistc and classy design and vintage estetics. These linen dresses are very simple but by adding different accessories it lets to create different classy looks - as it is written in "Son de Flor" webpage - a classic dress for every occasion. I, as a girl who doesn't wear a lot of dresses and skirts, love this concept of garment and would like to have one of "Son de Flor" dress one day.

I came to this opening with my two great friends Veja and MiglÄ—. I would like to thank them for spending time with me and esspecially for Migle who took photos of me in this event.

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At first I thought to wear a dress to this event, but when I did a revise of my wardrobe I realised that I don't have a dress or at least a skirt for that kind of chilly day, so I decided to choose simple Parisian look: plain shirt and neckerchief.

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  1. This shop looks like my idea of heaven! Everything looks so cute and I love the outfit you wore

  2. Always love you photos! They're so well composed and bright [=

    ♡Em |

  3. Love the interior and dresses are so vintage looking which I love! I will definitely be checking this shop soon :)

    -L | The Nerdy Me