June 7, 2015



Hello! Today I would like to show you some moments from Lithuanian designer Marija Armonaite's bachelor clothing collection where I participated as a model.

This collection is called "Conflict between naked body and garment". Artist Marija Armonaite is analysing the problem between garment which is a piece of culture and naked body which symbolizes nature. Also she brings up the question how naked body of four diferent generations is shown in their looks.

IMG_0770Our grandparents' generation didn't show much body and their were covering it with sophisticated, classy clothes.
Our parents's generation didn't hide their body under thick material clothes and were chosing lighter ones.
Our generation, as Marija ArmonaitÄ— says, isn't ashamed to show body anywhere and anyhow so she showed this attitude very ironically by using plastic materials.
The future generation, according to the artist, will transform the body so the clothes will adapt to the particular figures. Well, I think, that the future generation will spend more and more time in virtual world so all they need could be comfortable pants and cotton tees... Of course, we will see that in the future...


So, here you can see all preparation for the show. I was presenting our grandparent's generation and wearing classical black pants and brown coat. My hair was styled to a low bun with a plastic bag (that was designer's idea). My make up was a bit 40s: the make up artist emphasised  eyes and darkened, narrowed eyebrows.

I started collection by walking first. Before and after the show I was photographed by amazing photographer and journalist Kristina Aleksynaite. Here are more her works: AK by Kristina Aleksynaite
The whole visual collection is here: Conflict






Also, what I would like to say, that originally, in the show I didn't wear a shirt, only a bra. But while we were doing some pics, I wore a top that I came with. This sky blue perfectly match that earthy brown color of coat. I love it!