July 27, 2014

How to be Stylish


When I started to write this blog my friends asked me to post some tips how to look stylish and beautiful. I didn't promise them much but when I saw that my blog is viewed by thousands of people I realised that my thoughts about fashion may are interesting and useful.

Style is person's expression of personality. One group of people choose one and only look and wear clothes of custom style. They might do that because they want to tell about theirselves to the world. But there is another group of people who wear only the trendiest clothes of the season. If you have that kind of friends, it's not necessary to go to the shops, to read fashion magazines or watch fashion channels. You can orientate what colors, styles, shapes, textures, fabrics and accessories are in fashion just by looking at your friends who spend a lot of money for clothings and don't wait for sales because they want to have the hottest news in their closets. Sometimes these people look fashionable but not stylish because style and fashion are two different things.


Style doesn't require money. I think that you will like this truth... Stylish people choose clothes which are their clothes. I remember a lot of times when I go with my mom to buy new shoes, coat or sweater... My mom were always sitting on a recreacional bench and waiting for me. There were days when I was saying "There is nothing for me!". Thousands of dresses, shorts or coats were waiting for their people who would be interested. But those were not my clothes. A few times my mom twisted my arm and bought pairs of sweaters or shirts which I have wore just for a few times. These clothes were laying in my closet for months so my mom donated them to charity.



Also, there are another clothes which I would like to talk about. I am very happy when my parents or relatives brought clothes or accessories from abroad. But I wiil say that straight: these clothings have nothing to do with style. Often you are glad of the fact that these people remember and love you but the clothes they have bought are mostly interesting because of the colorit and spirit of the specific country. Sometimes these gifts really fit and are dear to me but often i don't wear them and my mom donate these clothes for charity.


In conclusion I would like to say that:
 If you want to be stylish there shouldn't be anything random or accidental in your wardrobe.


Actually, my style isn't finally formed, but I think today I was looking and feeling in my own elegant style.
I was wearing light, bright classic color clothes and for the first time I share photos with heels in my blog.
These shoes are very beautiful, stylish and classy. That's why I chose them.


White Skirt with Golden Tinsels: Sisley
White Transparent Striped T-Shirt: Sisley
Light Blue Heels: Aldo
Sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Bracelet: Gift from Augusta
Rings and Necklace: H&M


I will tell you how to create your own style in following post.

Good Luck!