July 26, 2014

One Jumpsuit = 5 Different Styles


We all have those clothes which fit almost everywhere and it is possible to create many looks of different styles.
I have a blue jumpsuit which I thought is useless and impractical, but one day I had an idea to find some clothes and accessories which match the jumpsuit.
In today's post I would like to represent you my blue jumpsuit and five different looks.

1. Minimalistic
Just a jumpsuit


If you want a minimalistic and plain style you can always wear only a jumpsuit without any jewelery and accessories. It isn't tricky...

Blue Jumpsuit: H&M


2. Classy and polite
Some white details




Remember a white ribbon? It's a very practical accessory. It creates a vintage look when we put  it on the head. In this case it decorates the jumpsuit and highlights waist which makes me look more feminine.
In my opinion the nudity of my legs is enough for this look so I covered my shoulders with a white t-shirt.
Black, big but light earrings add festive mood to this outift.
The colors of the look little bit reminds me of the Estonian flag

White T-Shirt: Massimo Dutti
Black Earrings: Vintage
White Ribbon: Vintage


3. Back to the 80s
Old school color match;
Cyclamen details

blue and cyc


This dark blue perfectly matches cyclamen pink and reminds me of the 80s. Also, this match reminds me of Larissa from "The Carrie Diaries". Her eccentric feminine style is very fashionable nowadays and inspires a lot of people. So this look is inspired by the 80s: hair tied up in a high pony tail, high waist and colors.
Cyclamen color is the main accent of the outfit: double belt, a bracelet and t-shirt.
Did you notice that in the collage I wear nude lipstick and in the second photo I'm with bright lips? Well, I wanted to show you how lip color changes the look. I think that cyclamen lips color changes all image to more festive and funky variant.

Cyclamen T-Shirt: Mango
Cyclamen Bracelet: Lindex
Cyclamen Double Belt: United Colors of Benetton
Cyclamen Lipstick: Givenchy Rouge Interdit No. 12


4. Classy and girly
Blue and white



The look is absolutely girlish and soft. I chose this shirt because it's sleeveless, wide neck and opens my collarbones which are very feminine.
The headband associates to me with Blair Waldorf from "Gossip Girl" who was always wearing headbands, ribbons and other head accessories.

White Wide-Neck Shirt: H&M Divided
Headband and Bracelet: My Handmade


5. The old smartness
Pearls and classic black



The colors I've chosen are classic: dark blue, black and white. Pearls are always in fashion and associate with sophistication. For this jumpsuit they add more luxury and fascination but stay it minimalistic although not boring.
Do pearls fit for young girls? I think YES!.. if you want to emphasize your uniqueness and sophistication.
I think that these pearls are enough so I dont wear any other jewelery except one minimalistic ring.

Black Wide-Neck Shirt: H&M
River Pearls: Gift from London
Ring: FCUK


I wish you to wear your favorite clothes creatively.

Thanks Augusta for photos!