August 25, 2014

Elegance in the Rain


I had a break from writing the blog because I was separated from internet world for a while. But after this distance I'm very inspired and ready to create more fashionable looks and write more interesting posts.


It's not really easy to maintain elegance in wind and rain. I usually leave home pretty, tidy and confident but after an overcast day I come back ragged, tangled and tired. Now I'm more experienced and I avoid going out on windy, rainy days.

Today's outfit is inspired by 50s raincoat by Balenciaga. Of course, my raincoat isn't impressive and grand comparing with Balenciaga's and also it looks more 80-90s style.. Originaly the raincoat hasn't a tight waist but I added a black belt with golden buckle and it became more feminine.


When it rains an umbrella is the best friend. I don't like folding umbrellas which are unstable and fast breached.
My blue umbrella makes a whole outfit more stylish and adds the vintage spirit to the look.
The color is very rich blue which makes it luxury and chic.


Tip to you, girls, If you went out on a windy and rainy day:
Keep your hair tied and tight otherwise after a strong wind your hair'll be tangled and become dingy and broken.

Raincoat: Penny Black
Black Belt with Golden Buckle: Chanel
Blue Umbrella: Zara
Ring and Necklace: H&M
Watch: Barisal
Golden Earrings: Pietro Filipi


Have a nice week!

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